¡BIENVENIDO MARZO! ¿Cómo manejar el estrés y prepararnos para el inicio de año?

WELCOME MARCH! How to manage stress and prepare for the start of the year?

March is here! The traffic days begin, the return to work, to school, new challenges, new goals are presented, we face the month with the most expenses of the year and it is usually a period of greater tension, stress and anxiety.

Would you like to know, how could we face this period in a better way? What supplements could help?

Intestinal health and low-grade chronic inflammation are two key concepts for managing our comprehensive health. From them, multiple bodily conditions and health conditions are triggered, which is why we must take them into consideration when taking care of ourselves.

At BioCare Chile, we have the perfect combination: “Probiotics and Essential Fatty Acids” Supplements ( Bioacidophilus forte and OmegaCare or Mega Epa Forte )

The high-potency Bioacidophilus forte probiotic is a set of safe and efficient live microorganisms that acts by restoring intestinal function, recovering its balance, diversity and abundance. By improving our intestinal health, we can see positive effects in various areas of our body, such as:

  • Digestion
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Immune response (Inflammation)
  • Defenses
  • Stress management (gut-brain axis)
  • Mood and anxiety control

Our brain and intestine are directly connected, it is not yet known whether it is the brain that sends messages to our intestine or vice versa, however, we are clear that when we expose ourselves to negative situations, periods of high stress, poor sleep or poor nutrition , our intestinal bacteria are altered, which affects its functionality and we can have digestive consequences, defenses, stomach upset, stress and a feeling of low mood (Remember that 90% of Serotonin, a mood hormone, is secreted through intestinal level) even leading us to the development of depressive and/or anxious processes. This is why by taking care of our intestinal microbiota with the appropriate live microorganisms, we can prevent intestinal damage and enhance its function by better facing periods of greater physical and mental demand.

On the other hand, intestinal permeability favors the development of inflammatory processes, maintaining a constant response from our immune system, generating wear and tear and further aggravating the context.

OmegaCare is a powerful omega 3 oil based on sweet orange oil with a pleasant flavor. It provides high doses of essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, which play a fundamental role in the management of inflammation and cognition, being of great interest in our recommendation today.

Inflammation is part of our body's innate immune response and today it is known that it can be induced by stress, favoring "chronic low-grade inflammatory processes" which may not refer to a disease itself, but rather favor the origin. of multiple long-term pathologies. This is where omega 3 fatty acids play a fundamental role, due to their powerful natural anti-inflammatory effects, counteracting chronic inflammation produced by periods of stress and anxiety.

On the other hand, we must remember the effect of these wonderful fatty acids on our brain, supporting its function, cognitive development and management of depressive symptoms, which can also be symptoms associated with periods of greater tension.

In summary, maintaining a healthy intestine and managing chronic inflammation are key preventative processes to face this time of the year. Our intestinal bacteria directly influence our stress levels and mood, and in turn, maintaining an intact intestinal barrier will provide an adequate immune response, preventing the development of excessive inflammatory effects.



Valeria Riquelme V.


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