Why choose BioCare?

We invite you to compare BioCare with any other supplement brand with these 3 simple steps:

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1. Ingredients

Pay attention to the source of the ingredients. Also check for any unnecessary additives or fillers as this impairs the absorption of the dose. Remember that the ingredients are in order according to their quantity.

The first ingredient will always be the highest concentration and so on.

2. Potency per Dose

Look at the amount of each ingredient present in a recommended dosage and serving of the supplement. Make sure it is appropriate for your specific needs and that the nutrient levels are appropriate.

3. Nutritional Profile

A good supplement should provide a significant and balanced amount of nutrients.

In a world full of options for every need, we are the definitive and reliable choice in supplementation, differentiating ourselves from others by offering products of high potency, quality, purity and effectiveness, with exceptional results, without harmful and unnecessary excipients.

We understand the importance of obtaining tangible results when investing in supplements, therefore, our formulas provide excellent bioavailability, thus ensuring maximum absorption and effectiveness, achieving precise and exact doses for each need with better results in one dose, than a full month. with supplementation from other brands.

We know how to help you recover and maintain your health. Contact our team of nutritionists for personalized advice on your purchase

Our probiotics have a patented strain consortium with clinical evidence in humans for over 35 years.

They are the most predominant strains at the intestinal level. Resistant to gastric and digestive juices, ensuring that the probiotic really reaches the intestine and can fulfill its function.

Any brand can have probiotics... but do they really have clinical evidence? When you choose BioCare you choose to truly supplement.

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