Spring is here! The sunny days are beginning, the desire to do outdoor activities, resume exercise, take care of our figure and get ready for summer. But many times the question is, How to do it? What is the “adequate” diet? How can I help my body deal with it in a better way? How can I control my anxiety? Do I need any supplements?

Today we want to give you the best data and recommendations for the arrival of summer!

  1. Get organized, you must start an action plan with your goals and objectives. Start by identifying your greatest limitation and/or weakness. Do you find it difficult to exercise? Do you not know how to eat? Do you feel like you are constantly tired? Do you have mood disorders or anxiety? Next, select your goals in order of priority and aim to work on one at a time. Many times we try to make a radical change, taking on too much, and that generates greater stress and frustration.
  1. Move on! Movement is key to activating your metabolism, mobilizing your energy and managing stress. It doesn't matter if you are not a high-performance athlete, or you spend hours and hours in the gym. If you are not currently exercising, start moving, take your bike, take daily walks, choose an exercise routine according to your abilities, take yoga classes, go to the park or join the gym. The most important thing is to carry out a routine that suits you and your lifestyle. Small changes add up to big results.
  1. Feed yourself! There is no “perfect diet”, there is real nutrition. In this, you will not count the number of calories you consume during the day, you will simply focus on selecting the best nutrients for you, consuming natural foods and not products. A good option is to start by cleaning your pantry, eliminating processed foods, and replacing them with foods in their purest state. For example, if you tend to have high blood sugar levels, you should avoid eating cereals, dough, baked goods, and cookies. But don't just eliminate them, look for ways to replace them naturally. If you consume a lot of white bread, start by trying other alternatives such as flaxseed, organic rye or sourdough bread. There is always a natural, tasty and healthy alternative!
  1. Take care of your Intestinal Health, the intestine has become one of the most important organs for our body, however, many times we do not take its real importance. It receives constant damage caused by the environment, diet and stress, since it acts as a defense barrier. If we restore its function, we can obtain various benefits:
  • Management of the gut – brain axis and consequent control of mood and anxiety.
  • Regulate digestion.
  • Ferment the fiber consumed in food by controlling our appetite.
  • Management of oxidative stress.
  • Nutrient absorption.

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  1. Protect yourself! It is important to consider that every disease begins with an inflammatory base. People who are overweight and obese usually have what is now called “low-grade chronic inflammation,” which is caused by high insulin levels, oxidative stress, excess body fat, lack of movement, and consumption of industrialized foods. high in omega6 (Inflammatory) fats, such as refined oils, sausages, cakes, snacks in sachets and pastry products. One way to compensate for this inflammation is to consume Omega3 (Anti-inflammatory) supplements.

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At BioCare Chile, we contribute to strengthening your health in a comprehensive way, taking into account all the variables that influence it. We invite you to review each of these points in your life, and initiate progressive and permanent changes that will give great results. Remember that “We are what we eat and we respond to how we act”, self-care is the key to starting your changes.




Valeria Riquelme V.

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