The new members of BioCare Chile

BioCare® has been developing a range of nutritional supplements of the highest quality and availability for more than thirty years, based on strict quality and purity standards. Always seeking to be at the forefront to bring each of you what you need for every minute of life.

That's why today we bring you three new products to accompany you and support you to have the best possible health.

Magnesium taurate

It is a form of magnesium that is chelated with an amino acid called taurine. It is one of the most highly absorbed forms that is mainly used for the treatment of stress, anxiety, insomnia, in addition to being a liver and biliary support and can support eye health.

Taurine is a sulfur amino acid that promotes the production of the neurotransmitter GABA, which is related to calm, helping to improve stress and anxiety. Widely used for its role in managing stress, anxiety and insomnia. In addition to being a support for liver and biliary, cardiovascular, circulatory health, cholesterol balance and arrhythmias.

At the digestion level , taurine is used in the conjugation of bile salts, so it helps the emulsification of fats, improves fat absorption and excretion of bile salts. On the other hand, its role in cardiovascular health is due to the stimulation by taurine of an enzyme called 7-alpha cholesterol dehydroxylase, which is responsible for converting cholesterol into bile salts, causing a decrease in LDL cholesterol . Additionally, some studies have shown a decrease in blood pressure with taurine supplementation.

Why Biocare and not another? : At BioCare we make sure to use the least amount of ingredients and excipients possible, being not only high potency and effectiveness but also clean and healthy.

Vitamin D3 spray

It is a high-potency vitamin with a pleasant lemon flavor that provides 1000 IU per spray, it is also vegan and suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The levels of vitamin D deficiency in Chile are very high, even in women. According to the National Health Survey of the year 2016-2017, 84% of women had some degree of deficiency, in addition to only 13.4% of older adults presented adequate levels. Unfortunately, due to the latitude in which we live, the use of sunscreen and clothing makes it increasingly difficult for us to maintain adequate levels of this vitamin.

Vitamin D3 participates in bone health processes, autoimmune diseases, allergies, skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and bile problems. Other functions are linked to the regulation of cell replication in carcinogenic processes, cholesterol metabolism, insulin regulation, and neurotransmitter production. among other.

This is why we increasingly realize the importance of maintaining adequate levels of this vitamin.

Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with various health problems such as: mental health problems, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, infertility and sex hormone dysfunction, as well as allergies and autoimmune conditions.

The population at greatest risk of deficiency are pregnant women and children, older adults, people with dark skin or those who are overweight/obese.

calcium citrate

Our version of calcium citrate is the chemical form with the highest bioavailability, very important for bone and muscle health. Provides 300mg of elemental calcium per serving.

Specially designed for people with bone health problems such as osteopenia, osteoporosis and osteomalacia, as well as muscle support, cramps and exercise, as well as cardiovascular support.

On the other hand, calcium citrate, in addition to helping maintain bone and dental health, supports a wide range of functions in the body, including neurotransmission, blood coagulation, muscle and cardiac muscle contraction, and cell division.

Additionally, calcium can be especially useful during pregnancy and breastfeeding to stimulate the growth and development of the baby, in addition to preventing deficiencies in the mother. Along with this, calcium supplementation can help reduce the risk of preeclampsia in the mother.

Our calcium citrate is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those who are pregnant and breastfeeding, and it can also be used from 6 months of age by opening the capsule.


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