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Essential supplements for everyday life

Essential supplements for everyday life

It's never too late to take care of your health!

Without a doubt, the last two years of the pandemic have been a truly unique period that has generated a great process of reflection. It has been an opportunity to realize the true importance of taking care of our health, how fundamental it is to keep the immune system strong and the great relationship between intestinal health, immunity, respiratory health and our entire system.

Daily nutrition and supplementation is here to stay and took the essential place it should always have to provide our body with the necessary tools to stay strong, healthy and in balance.

We trust that good health, vitality and well-being lie in optimal nutrition. A food and supplement scheme that provides adequate and sufficient vitamins, minerals, essential fats, antioxidants and beneficial bacteria, the key building blocks and cofactors for cellular, hormonal, metabolic and intestinal activity.

Why supplements?

Most people today have inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals. This is due to different factors such as the scarcity of certain nutrients on earth, the industrialization of food, lifestyle habits and special or additional needs when there is a specific health condition. Many times the food supply is of low nutritional value and the demand for nutrients is very high, thus creating an imbalance that little by little affects different areas of our body and generates long-term alterations that can be reflected at the digestive and emotional levels. , energetic, metabolic or immune.

Our nutrition team has prepared 4 essential products that you can consume daily as a preventative measure if you want to boost your health and well-being.

Mindlinx Multinutrient

At the heart of a good supplement regimen is always a good multinutrient. Our Mindlinx provides excellent doses of key vitamins, minerals and trace elements, highlighting its excellent contribution of B complex to support the nervous and immune system, promote energy function and prevent fatigue, and its good Zinc content, for structural support, skin, hair, nails and enhance defenses. This combination is of great help to support periods of greatest need such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, children with neurodevelopmental disorders or defenses, vegans or vegetarians. The format is in powder form with excellent absorption and bioavailability.

Mega Epa

A daily must-have is omega 3. Our Mega Epa provides high-potency pure fish oil in capsule format. Each capsule provides more than 1 gram of high-quality fish oil, sourced from wild anchovies and sardines, delivering 524mg of EPA and 375mg of DHA per serving. An excellent dose to keep inflammation at bay, nourish the brain and take care of cardiovascular health.

Vegan Omega 3

Essential fatty acids of vegan origin obtained from a natural algae concentrate to provide EPA and DHA. Suitable for daily use by those following a vegetarian or vegan diet, the dose can be increased to achieve an additional therapeutic dose.

Vitamin C powder

Magnesium Ascorbate Powder, High Potency and Bioavailability Adjustable Dosage, 100% Pure and in a Low Acid Form. It provides 1g of pure vitamin C per serving, being an excellent option to increase the intake of antioxidants daily and thus prevent oxidative stress processes, promote collagen formation, and support the defense and cardiovascular system.


The intestine is the central axis of our health, therefore, live bacteria cannot be missing from our daily essentials. Our Bioacidophilus probiotic provides 20 billion clinically tested Lab4 live microorganisms, ideal for providing daily support to intestinal health, promoting digestive processes, gut-brain connection, modulation of the immune system, absorption and secretion of nutrients.

If you combine proper nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle, you may not only feel good, but also happier.

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