Back to school has arrived and we start with all the preparations! School supplies, uniform, staying on top of homework, lunches, among many other activities.

If you are a parent, you will probably look for a way to provide your children with all the tools they need to face the return to school, adapt to the schedule again, have a good level of learning and maintain excellent health. In this sense, providing them with optimal nutrition will be of great help to provide essential nutrients to support their defenses, strengthen their immune system, energy levels and cognitive performance, thus starting the school year in the best way.

Then you will ask yourself, How can I support my children to have balanced nutrition and enhance their performance in school? Although nutrition is a fundamental pillar, there are also other factors involved to consider, the selection of foods, the incorporation of appropriate nutritional supplements, the level of physical activity, extra-programmatic activities, etc. This is why today we want to give you the best advice to cope with this return to school and enhance your child's health:

Rainbow on the plate! Incorporate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables (mostly greens) of different colors into your diet. It is recommended to consume 5 servings of different types per day to maximize the contribution of nutrients, antioxidants, fibers and thus support your immune, digestive and nervous systems, among all the body's systems. Try including these fruits and vegetables in the form of vegetable sticks, salads, smoothies, tuti fruti, soups, stews, casseroles, vegetable omelettes and natural tomato sauce. Always preferring real foods, in their natural state and motivating with creative and varied recipes.

Individualized supplementation. Each of our children has different nutritional needs and requirements, since this is influenced by their eating style, life and general health, therefore, we always recommend seeking guidance from a professional specialized in the area before supplementing. There are nutritional supplements of great importance at this stage of the life cycle, which can be used to enhance different areas of the body. Among the most important we find omega 3 essential fatty acids , zinc , vitamin C and vitamin D.

Let's add Omega 3 day by day ! Nourishing our children with an adequate supply of essential fatty acids (EPA/DHA) will help them improve their immunity, mood, concentration and memory. Omega 3 can be found in good concentrations in fatty fish, nuts and certain seeds, however, the latter fail to deliver the levels necessary for the body, and with regard to fish, we cannot always ensure consumption as frequently as is recommended. requires. This is why it is recommended to give a good quality fish oil supplement that ensures the adequate supply of DHA, which is key for brain development, mood and cognitive functioning.

Intestinal Health and Probiotics : Incorporating fermented foods such as kefir (bird yogurt) and sauerkraut (sauerkraut), which are an excellent source of probiotic microorganisms, is a good way to positively influence the intestinal health of your children. These foods can be included in the daily diet by mixing kefir with seeds, nuts and berries as a snack or by incorporating the consumption of sauerkraut in salads or in a sandwich for a snack. In addition to these foods, a probiotic supplement cannot be missing at this stage, which will be key to supporting intestinal health, enhancing the absorption of nutrients, promoting adequate digestion and optimal immune system response in your children.

Vitamin D : This vitamin is vital for the functioning of your immune system, the strengthening of your bones and is an excellent complement to prevent colds and infections during this stage. Vitamin D is activated in the body through the action of sunlight on the skin, so from the month of May onwards, this action may be diminished. Make sure your children regularly consume 400 to 800IU of vitamin D depending on their basal level, age and health status.

Mindlinx Multinutrient : In the case of preschoolers and schoolchildren, it is recommended to complement their diet (especially if there is a deficit) with a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement , providing an adequate supply of key nutrients such as B Complex Vitamins, Vitamins C, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Copper . Its importance is reflected in various areas of your health and well-being. The B complex vitamins will maintain a balance in your daily energy level and support the health of skin, hair and eyes. Vitamin C plays an important role in your defenses and is involved in the absorption of collagen, a vital structural component for the maintenance and strengthening of teeth and bones. Regarding minerals, Magnesium helps regulate your mood and concentration. Iron is essential for preventing anemia and can be a good complement for cognitive function. Zinc is a very relevant micronutrient for proper growth and Copper is involved in the development of the nervous system.

Incorporate foods rich in choline : Choline is a key substrate for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter essential for our children's memory and learning. The best sources of choline include egg yolk and sunflower lecithin, which is present in sunflower or marigold seeds.

Perform regular outdoor exercise in a fun way including games that involve physical movement for at least 30 minutes a day to increase your well-being, vitality, resilience and support endogenous vitamin D production to boost your immune system.

Regulate schedules: It is of great importance to take care of the schedules of certain activities in the case of children, since they are still forming habits and what they incorporate today as such will totally impact their future. Establishing schedules for recreation, rest, movement, eating, screens and sleeping hours is essential to boost your health.

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Buenos días, que me recomiendan para mi hijo de 13 años, que esta muy delgado y es malísimo para consumir verduras, y como esta en la etapa de la preadolescencia, necesito algo para reforzar su sistema inmune.
También para mi hija de 5 años que este año le toca colegio en la mañana, para disminuir sus resfrios, por favor
Idealmente algo que les sirva a ambos.



Hola! Que me recomiendan para mejorar las defensas de mi hijo de 7 años ? El no tiene alergias gracias

Nicole Verdugo

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